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Phenomenological Approach II_Outline(1) - Phenomenological...

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Phenomenological Approach II RoadMap: Characteristics of Positive Psychological Functioning Subjective Well Being Cross-cultural (brief) Strengths/Weaknesses of Approach Positive Psychological Functioning – Dimensions of Well-Being (Carol D. Ryff) 1. Self-acceptance 2. Positive relations with other people 3. Autonomy 4. Environmental mastery 5. Purpose in life 6. Personal growth Subjective Well Being: Introduction Relationship to Phenomenological Approach Individual’s experience Positive Psychology movement – “rebirth of humanism” Satisfying and meaningful life involves happiness, but that true happiness comes from overcoming challenges Happiness SWB: Who is Happy? Life period
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Gender Wealth Life Goals & Belief Questions asked to students just entering college: How important are the following goals for you? 1.) To be very well off financially.
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Phenomenological Approach II_Outline(1) - Phenomenological...

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