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EML4288/EML5930 Vehicle Design Fall, 2011 1 Homework 2 - 2011.docx Homework 2 Due: Monday, September 19 1. For the vehicle you drive, determine its curb weight, and static weight distribution. Estimate what might be a reasonable CG height. Research any testing done with the vehicle and find a published minimum stopping distance. Find the weight distribution during this stop. If you can’t find any published data, find data for a comparable vehicle. 2. How much energy is absorbed during this stop? 3. Examine your brakes and indicate what they are and provide key dimensions. Estimate
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Unformatted text preview: how much energy is absorbed in each brake during the stop defined in 1. 4. Estimate the temperature rise for each brake in the stop used in 3. 5. Find your current tire size. Now find a wider tire that you can fit on the same rims without introducing any significant speedometer errors. Graduate Students: 6. Prepare a presentation that describes the features of a typical tread pattern, and explain their function. Contrast the differences between on-road and off-road tires....
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