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EML4288/5930 Vehicle Design Fall, 2011 1 Homework 5 - 2011 Homework 5 Due: Monday, November 21 1. For your vehicle (the one you drive): a) Find the vehicle mass and individual weights on each wheel (weight distribution) b) Find or assume some reasonable values for F C and R C (you can use the tire charts to estimate a reasonable value) c) Determine the US/OS characteristics d) Determine the various derivative and stability terms, and the tangent and characteristic or critical speeds. e) If you put an additional 1000 lbf of lead directly over the rear axle of your vehicle, what is the new critical or characteristic speed for your car? Relative to the rear axle,
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Unformatted text preview: where should the lead be located to ensure your car does not exhibit oversteer? 2. Assume a driver has a car that normally exhibits understeer (tractive forces neglected). If this driver enters a turn too rapidly and applies the brakes, what happens to the handling characteristics of the car? What would happen if the car had a small amount of oversteer instead? Assume the brakes do not lock up, and consider that weight transfers to the front axle during braking....
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