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EML4288/5930 Vehicle Design Fall, 2011 1 Homework 6 - 2011.docx Homework 6 Due: Wednesday, November 30 1. An automatic transmission receives as an input 450 ft-lb of torque from the torque converter. A multi-disc clutch is to be designed to transmit this torque to the planetary gear sets. The clutch rings have outer and inner diameters of 6.0 in and 5.25 in respectively. The friction material is to be sintered metal, operated wet, giving the surface a coefficient of friction of 0.07 with a maximum allowable applied pressure on 650 psi. How many two-sided discs are required for this application, assuming uniform wear? 2. A proposed transmission based on the Chrysler 42LE transmission has the following tooth counts for the planetary gear sets: Front Set Rear Set Ring 75 Ring 61 Planets 17 Planets 15 Sun 41 Sun 31 The following table lists the clutch activation for each gear, with the corresponding input,
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