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EML4288/5930 Vehicle Design Fall, 2011 1 Lab Exercise - 2011.docx Adams Car Exercise For the MDI Demo vehicle found in <acar_shared>, perform a track analysis where you drive the vehicle around a track. For the analysis, try Full Vehicle Analysis Adams Smart Driver Then use: Course Type: Driver Course Road Data File: acar_shared/roads.tbl/3d_road_smooth_track.xml Course Data File: test_path.drd (located in Blackboard Adams Tutorials.
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Unformatted text preview: You can choose an initial velocity and gear position (say 160 km/h and 6th gear). Smart Driver Task: use User Defined where you can set acceleration, braking and cornering limits (Don’t too extreme to start with – try acceleration and braking at 75%.) Run the analysis, and see if you can complete a full lap, and plot throttle and brake position, longitudinal and lateral velocity, etc. Plots due: Friday, December 9...
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