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EML4288/5930 Vehicle Design Fall, 2011 1 Suspension Design Assignment 2011.docx Vehicle Suspension Design Due: Monday, October 31 Group Size: maximum of 3, group member list due Wednesday, October 19 For the vehicle you drive, measure the upper and lower ball joint locations, and where your front suspension attaches to the body. Regardless of your existing type of front suspension, design a
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Unformatted text preview: double wishbone suspension that will fit in the space available with the listed amount of anti-dive based on your group number. Compare your simulation results with a similar suspension with parallel upper and lower control arm pivot axes. # Anti-feature 1, 7 5% Anti-dive 2, 8 10% Anti-dive 3, 9 20% Anti-dive 4, 10 30% Anti-dive 5, 11 40% Anti-dive 6, 12 50% Anti-dive Grad 60% Anti-dive...
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