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Homework6_cpp - C Homework MAT5939-04 Instructor Pierre...

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C++ Homework MAT5939-04 - Instructor: Pierre Garreau www.math.fsu.edu/ ~ pgarreau/teaching.htlm Department of Mathematics - Florida State University Guidelines To complete this assignment you must hand in a report including: 1. Title The name of the homework assignment. Ex. “Bisection Method” 2. Description of Problem Description of the problem with a discussion of relevant mathematics. Ex. Explain how and why the bisection method works. Be specific and include a few steps worked out by hand with explanations of each step. 3. Description of the Program Description of your program which describes the algorithm you used and details your implementation. Ex. Explain how you implement the bisection method. You may also copy the relevant piece of code to help explain your implementation. 4. Results and Conclusions Discussion of the results including any tables or figures needed. Ex. Tell me all the roots for the two equations with error bounds. You must also explain why you believe the answer is correct. The correct
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