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Lecture_notes_64 - allocate(A 1:N 1:N allocate(b 1:N call...

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File: /home/pierre/Documents/ProgCl…s/Fortran Code/main_solver.f90 Page 1 of 1 program main_solver use type_module use Linear_solver_mod implicit none integer , parameter :: N = 16 integer , parameter :: Nmax = 100 real (DP), allocatable :: A(:,:) real (DP), allocatable :: b(:) type (linear_system) :: linear
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Unformatted text preview: allocate (A( 1 :N, 1 :N)) allocate (b( 1 :N)) call fill_array_random(A,b,N) call Construct(linear, A, b, N, N) call GaussSeidel(linear, Nmax) call output_File(linear, "results_gauss.txt" ) call Destruct(linear) end program main_solver...
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