Week 3 updated with solutions

Week 3 updated with solutions - P4- 38 - Christina...

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Unformatted text preview: P4- 38 - Christina RyanPLEASE COMPLETE ALL THE PINK AREASReq.1Haupt ConsultingWork SheetDecember 31,2010Adjusted Trial alanceIncome StatementBalance SheetAccountDebitCreditDebitCreditDebitCreditCash7,7007,700Accounts Receivable1,5001,500Supplies100100Equipment2,0002,000Accumulated depriciation-equip.3333Furniture3,6003,600Accumulated depriciation-furn.6060Accounts payable3,6003,600Salary payable500500Unearned service revenue600600Carl, Haupt, Capital10,00010,000Carl, Haupt, Withdrawals1,6001,600Service revenue3,2003,200Rent Expense500500Utilities expense200200Salary expense500500Depreciation expense-equip.3333Depreciation expense-furn.6060Supplies expense200200Total17,99317,9931,4933,20016,50014,793Net income1,7071,7073,2003,20016,50016,500Req.2JournalEntryDateAccounts DebitCreditDec31Service revenue3,200 Income summary3,200 Dec31Income summary1,493 Rent expense500 Utilities expense200 Salary expense500 Depreciation expense-equipment33 Depreciation expense-furniture60 Supplies expense200...
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Week 3 updated with solutions - P4- 38 - Christina...

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