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COURSE SYLLABUS: CIS1140 - BUSINESS COMPUTER SKILLS Instructor John Wiggins E-mail [email protected] Office Hours Office hours not set. University Grading Scale Grade Quality Equivalent Range Points A excellent 90-100 4 B good 80-89 3 C average 70-79 2 D poor 60-69 1 F failure 0-59 0 I incomplete course work AU audit - no grade P pass, no effect on GPA W official withdrawal Attendance Attendance is required on a weekly basis. Students are expected to view the online lectures in the week they are offered, and to log onto the site often enough to remain abreast of the communication on the Message Board as well as any Class News or information from the Professor. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of everything happening in the class online. Academic Honesty Academic honesty is highly valued in Florida Tech's online courses. The student must always submit work that represents original words or ideas. If any words or ideas are used that do not represent those original words or ideas, the student must cite all relevant sources and provide a clear definition of the extent to which such sources were used. Words or ideas that require citation include, but are not limited to all hard copy or electronic publications, whether copyrighted or not, and all verbal or visual communication when the content of such communication clearly originates from an identifiable source. In the Florida Tech online course, all submissions to any public meeting bulletin board or private mailbox fall within the scope of words and ideas that require citations if used by someone other than the original author. Academic dishonesty in an online learning environment could involve:
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Having a tutor or friend complete a portion of the student's assignments Having a reviewer make extensive revisions to an assignment Copying work submitted by another student to another public class meeting Using information from online information services without proper citation Any of these practices could result in charges of academic dishonesty. For the complete Florida Tech policy on academic dishonesty, cheating and plagiarism see the Florida Tech Student Handbook. http://www.fit.edu/studenthandbook/StudentHandbook.pdf Students with Disabilities Individuals with disabilities needing special accommodation(s) should contact Rodd Newcombe, Director of Academic Support Center. He may be contacted by phone at (321) 674-7110 or by email at [email protected] Disaster Statement School Closure: Both Florida Tech and the University Alliance observe national holidays and students are not required to participate in classes on such days. In the case of an emergency closure of Florida Tech or the University Alliance, if classes are still able to operate, they will continue. In the rare case that the Learning Management System is unavailable for maintenance reasons, classes will resume as quickly as possible and students should check the University Alliance website ( www.floridatechonline.com ) regularly for updates Natural disaster:
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