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Quiz 1 - Question: In a basic SWOT analysis, the...

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In a basic SWOT analysis, the "S" stands for ________. A Strengths B Solutions C Situation D Satisfactions E Strategies Question: ________ are human needs as shaped by individual personality and culture. A Exchanges B Wants C Needs D Demands E Values Question: Business portfolio planning involves two steps: ________ and ________. A Identifying growth opportunities; evaluating growth opportunities B Analyzing the current business portfolio; shaping the future business portfolio C Conducting a SWOT analysis; establishing marketing controls D Identifying SBUs; assessing the attractiveness of SBUs E Identifying internal strengths; identifying external opportunities Question: The marketing control process entails the following steps in order: setting goals, ________, evaluating performance, and ________. A Measuring performance; taking corrective action B Taking corrective action; following up C Achieving goals; measuring performance D Evaluating goals; measuring performance E Taking corrective action; measuring performance Question: Which of the following is a useful tool for identifying growth opportunities? A The value chain B The product/market expansion grid C The BCG matrix D The business portfolio E The value delivery network Question: Mountain Home Farms is now using the product/market expansion grid to develop strategies. The owners of the company have most likely found the grid to be quite useful for identifying ________. A Key customers B Target markets C Growth opportunities D Suppliers E New products Question: Making more sales to current customers without changing a firm's products is ________. A Diversification B Market attractiveness C Market penetration D Market development E Product development Question: Which of the following has not contributed to the deeper, more interactive nature of today's customer relationships? A
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Quiz 1 - Question: In a basic SWOT analysis, the...

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