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Quiz 4 - QUESTION 1 [QUESTION BANK ID: 126279] TYPE:...

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QUESTION 1 [QUESTION BANK ID: 126279] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT A group of business entrepreneurs who worried about their teenage children drinking and driving decided there must be some way to approach this problem proactively. They came up with an idea for a pair of blurry goggles. They believed looking through the goggles would simulate what the world looks like when someone is seriously intoxicated. The first crude pair of blurry goggles developed by the entrepreneurs to show to prospective customers was ________. << HIDE ANSWERS A A product idea B A prototype C A synergistic model D A product image E A component part QUESTION 2 [QUESTION BANK ID: 88324] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT Christopher Messenger rents storage space to college students who go home for the summer but do not want to haul all of their property home and back. The business is profitable during the summer months, but when the storage space is unoccupied in the off- season, Christopher is losing money. What characteristic of service is most likely the source of Christopher's problem? << HIDE ANSWERS A Variability B Personalization C Intangibility D Inseparability E Perishability QUESTION 3 [QUESTION BANK ID: 60311] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT The Jay Group hires better employees than the competition by conducting lengthy searches and interviews. Management also trains employees much better than competitors do. The Jay Group has gained a strong competitive advantage through which type of differentiation? << HIDE ANSWERS A Services B People C Product D Image E Channel QUESTION 4 [QUESTION BANK ID: 19057] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT The purpose of idea generation is to create a ________ number of ideas. The purpose of succeeding stages is to ________ that number. << HIDE ANSWERS A Large number; reduce
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B Small number; increase C Limited number; sustain D Large number; increase E Small number; reduce QUESTION 5 [QUESTION BANK ID: 13908] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT As in consumer segmentation, many marketers believe that ________ and ________ segmentation provide the best basis for segmenting business markets. << HIDE ANSWERS A User status; user loyalty B Age and life cycle; psychographic C Geographic; demographic D Benefits; buying behavior E Income; usage rate QUESTION 6 [QUESTION BANK ID: 42218] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT Major brand marketers often spend huge amounts on advertising to create brand ________ and to build preference and loyalty. << HIDE ANSWERS
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Quiz 4 - QUESTION 1 [QUESTION BANK ID: 126279] TYPE:...

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