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QUESTION 1 [QUESTION BANK ID: 3106] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT In ________, price is considered along with the other marketing mix variables before the marketing program is set. << HIDE ANSWERS A Variable costs B Mark-up pricing C Cost-based pricing D Value-based pricing E Price elasticity QUESTION 2 [QUESTION BANK ID: 16384] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT Which of the following is an example of a manufacturer-sponsored retailer franchise system? << HIDE ANSWERS A Fast-food restaurants such as McDonald's and Burger King B Ford and its network of independent franchised dealers C Motels such as Holiday Inn and Ramada Inn D Licensed bottlers that bottle and sell Coca-Cola to retailers E Starbucks operating within Target stores QUESTION 3 [QUESTION BANK ID: 113976] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT An advantage of a channel of distribution over selling direct to consumers is that each channel member plays a ________ in the channel. << HIDE ANSWERS A Decisional role B Disciplinary role C Specialized role D Informational role E Time-saving part QUESTION 4 [QUESTION BANK ID: 103975] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT Which of the following is an example of a multichannel distribution system? << HIDE ANSWERS A Starbuck's location inside of book stores B J. C. Penney's catalog and retail store sales C Wal-Mart locating to several countries D A hotel providing guest privileges at a health spa across the street E
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Avon's door-to-door distribution QUESTION 5 [QUESTION BANK ID: 128517] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT Companies usually develop ________ rather than ________. << HIDE ANSWERS A Product lines; single products B Product families; product lines C Single products; product families D Product brands; product images E Product images; product brands QUESTION 6 [QUESTION BANK ID: 114933] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT Why is it important for manufacturers to be sensitive to the needs of their dealers? << HIDE ANSWERS A Manufacturers cannot break commitments to channel B Dealers have few legal rights C Dealer support is essential to creating value for the customer D Dealers can easily be replaced by third-party logistics providers E Manufacturers have few legal rights QUESTION 7 [QUESTION BANK ID: 76279] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT Johnson Boats wants to introduce a new model of boat into mature markets in highly developed countries with the goal of quickly gaining mass-market share. As a consultant, you should recommend a ________ pricing strategy.
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