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QUESTION 1 [QUESTION BANK ID: 98613] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT The ________ is specifically focused on future company needs. << HIDE ANSWERS A Consumer business concept B Marketing concept C Sustainable marketing concept D Strategic planning concept E Societal marketing concept QUESTION 2 [QUESTION BANK ID: 112037] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT ________ products give both high immediate satisfaction and high long-run benefits. << HIDE ANSWERS A Pleasing B Deficient C Salutary D Desirable E Threatening QUESTION 3 [QUESTION BANK ID: 79198] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT ________ industries are safe from foreign competition. << HIDE ANSWERS A Few B Most C Major D European Union E NAFTA QUESTION 4 [QUESTION BANK ID: 74256] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT There is concern that through the ________ lower barriers inside Europe will create only thicker outside walls. << HIDE ANSWERS A General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade B Atlantic Free-Trade Area C Euro-American Union D Euro-Scandinavian Pact E European Union QUESTION 5 [QUESTION BANK ID: 107155] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT Companies can develop ________, which serves as a guide to the future. It shows how the company's products and services, processes, and policies must evolve and what new technologies must be developed to get there.
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<< HIDE ANSWERS A A sustainability vision B Product stewardship C Pollution prevention D A cradle-to-cradle practice E New clean technology QUESTION 6 [QUESTION BANK ID: 87423] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT Azerbaijan imported wheat from Romania in exchange for crude oil and Vietnam exchanged rice for Philippine fertilizer and coconuts. Both scenarios are examples of which of the following? << HIDE ANSWERS
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