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Test Practice

Test Practice - The closest European forerunner of the...

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The closest European forerunner of the modern U.S. prison was known as: A) banishment. B) the workhouse. C) transportation. D) the gaol. One confinement alternative to traditional incarceration is ____, which is the placement of offenders in facilities patterned after ____. A) transportation; deserted islands B) shock incarceration; military boot camps C) privatization; factories D) workhouse confinement; campuses Which of the following states is the first state to allow female prisoners to work on chain gangs? A) Alabama B) Georgia C) Florida D) Arizona Men's prisons are often distinguished from one another by: A) size. B) security level. C) the era in which they were built. D) custody level. A ____ is a facility that holds convicted offenders and unconvicted persons for relatively short periods of up to one year. A) lockup B) jail C) furlough D) minimum-security prison Group counseling is more popular than individual counseling in institutional settings, primarily because: A) inmates frequently prefer talking about their problems and fears in front of groups of their peers. B) it is more economical and there are large numbers of inmates who share similar backgrounds and problems. C) although it is less economical, the prison system wants to do what is best for the inmates. D) inmates demand it. We usually think of rehabilitation programs as serving one main objective. Which of the following is that main objective? A) To help inmates better themselves B) To help the institution achieve control over inmates C) To help inmates manage time D) To give inmates a way to occupy themselves Which of the following has NOT been found about private correctional facilities? A) they can be constructed and opened more quickly than public correctional facilities B) the quality of services and programs is frequently superior to those in public correctional facilities C) privatization can substantially increase legal liability costs of operating prisons and jails D) prisoners in private facilities have a broader array of legal remedies when challenging conditions of confinement than prisoners in public facilities Which of the following countries consistently has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world? A) United States B) Mexico
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C) Canada D) Japan For which of the following purposes is most of jail funding used? A) accommodations B) services C) programs D) custody and security Which of the following has NOT been found about private correctional facilities? A) construction cost savings of 25 percent or more are common for private facilities B) private contractors can rarely deliver correctional services more cost-effectively than public employees C) necessary changes in the nature and scope of prisoner programs can be made quicker and easier in private facilities D) the existence of private facilities in a jurisdiction sometimes encourages improvements in the public facilities in that jurisdiction Which of the following is NOT a function of jails?
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Test Practice - The closest European forerunner of the...

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