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QUESTION: 1 [QUESTION BANK ID: 33364] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT Eugenia and Lynn had spent the last six months constructing a relational database to track customer and employee records; they used the systems development life cycle as the basis for their efforts. In discussing the project, Eugenia said, “I’m really glad the database is built. Now that it’s been implemented, we shouldn’t have to devote more time and energy to it.” Based on that comment, Eugenia does not realize that the SDLC << HIDE ANSWERS A Eliminates the need for maintenance once a project is complete B Can make maintaining an information system easier but does not eliminate the need for maintenance C Frequently results in cost overruns because of increased development time D Requires significant user input in the first six phases QUESTION: 2 [QUESTION BANK ID: 63761] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE INCORRECT An accountant at RDR Corporation, an investment management firm, was using XBRL to prepare the company's income statement for transmission to the SEC. The accountant had to create a tag for an account unique to RDR's accounting information system, which she then defined in an appropriate location on RDR's website. Which of the following phrases from the RDR scenario is most closely associated with the term extensible ? << HIDE ANSWERS A Investment management firm B XBRL C Create a tag D RDR's website QUESTION: 3 [QUESTION BANK ID: 100797] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE INCORRECT Which ERP module is most closely associated with an organization's acquisition/payment process? << HIDE ANSWERS A Customer relationship management B Human resource management C Financial management D Supply chain management QUESTION: 4 [QUESTION BANK ID: 124134] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT Rochelle developed a balanced scorecard with appropriate metrics to assess business process performance at YGA Corporation. Which of the following phrases indicates that Rochelle participated in an optimized business process , as the term is used in the Capability Maturity Model? << HIDE ANSWERS A A balanced scorecard was developed B Appropriate metrics were implemented C The scorecard assessed business process performance D None of the above; the process is not optimized QUESTION: 5 [QUESTION BANK ID: 43770] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT When an organization’s processes are optimized according to the capability maturity model << HIDE ANSWERS A
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They are as inexpensive as possible B They involve information technology C An attitude of quality improvement is pervasive D The processes need no further attention QUESTION: 6 [QUESTION BANK ID: 77255] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT Which of the following is an example of G2B e-commerce? << HIDE ANSWERS A Edgar B eBay C Dell D Travelocity QUESTION: 7 [QUESTION BANK ID: 32384] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE INCORRECT Which of the following would be part of a taxonomy downloaded into tagging software: (i) sales, (ii) land, (iii) cash received from clients.
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