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Week 7 Quiz

Week 7 Quiz - QUESTION 1[QUESTION BANK ID 124611 TYPE...

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QUESTION: 1 [QUESTION BANK ID: 124611] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT Which type of computer criminal is least sophisticated in terms of computer knowledge? << HIDE ANSWERS A Hackers B Corporate spies C Cybercriminals D Script kiddies QUESTION: 2 [QUESTION BANK ID: 68541] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT According to Carter's taxonomy of computer crime, which of the following best describes the computer as a target? << HIDE ANSWERS A Using the computer to further a criminal end B Focusing on the system or its data C Not required, but related to the criminal act D New versions of traditional crimes QUESTION: 3 [QUESTION BANK ID: 128772] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE INCORRECT Which of the following is the least appropriate business goal for a knowledge management system? << HIDE ANSWERS A Improving customer service B Justifying employee layoffs C Enhancing competitive advantage D Developing employee-training plans QUESTION: 4 [QUESTION BANK ID: 7595] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE INCORRECT Stella waited until the night before her accounting information systems exam to memorize the ethics code of the Institute of Management Accountants. She is most likely experiencing information overload caused by << HIDE ANSWERS A Information characteristics B Bounded rationality C Task and process parameters D Organizational design QUESTION: 5 [QUESTION BANK ID: 106517] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT As part of designing his firm's knowledge management system, Evan interviewed each employee. Evan's actions are most clearly associated with << HIDE ANSWERS A Defining business goals B
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Conducting a knowledge audit C Creating an auditory map D Influencing organizational culture QUESTION: 6 [QUESTION BANK ID: 71633] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT A hacker extracts clients' social security numbers from a company's information system, then offers to sell the numbers back to the company to prevent their disclosure. The hacker's actions are an example of << HIDE ANSWERS A Disclosure of confidential information B Extortion C Information manipulation D Service interruption QUESTION: 7 [QUESTION BANK ID: 85793] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT COBIT's accountability framework can enhance internal control by assigning responsibility and designating authority for various tasks related to information systems security. Which of the following groups is ultimately responsible for developing and maintaining a strong internal control system? << HIDE ANSWERS A Board of directors B Management C External auditors D Internal auditors QUESTION: 8 [QUESTION BANK ID: 74027] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT Knowledge management is the process through which organizations generate value from what kind(s) of assets: (i) monetary, (ii) intellectual, (iii) knowledge-based. << HIDE ANSWERS
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Week 7 Quiz - QUESTION 1[QUESTION BANK ID 124611 TYPE...

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