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CH2: Brief Case 2.3 Morrison v. Circuit city stores, Inc. Facts: Plaintiff, a former employee of the defendant whom was terminated, filled this lawsuit as a result of race and sex discrimination and unfair arbitration clause that states employee has to pay half of the cost of the arbitration. Issue: Is the arbitration clause unenforceable? Rule: Yes. The cost-splitting provision in the agreement was unenforceable. Vocabulary Alternative dispute resolution-means of settling their disputes. Arbitration-an arbitrator hears a dispute and imposes a resolution on the parties. Diversity of citizenship-this term applies whenever a federal court has jurisdiction over a case that does not involve a question of federal law.
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Unformatted text preview: Exclusive jurisdiction-cases can be tried only in federal courts or state courts. In personam jurisdiction-a particular court exercise personal jurisdiction over any person or business that resides in a certain geographic area. Mediation-neutral third party acts as a mediator and works with both sides in the dispute to facilitate a resolution. Standing to sue-a party must have a legally protected and tangible interest at stake in the litigation. Venue-the most appropriate location for a trial. Writ of certiorari-an order issued by the supreme court to a lower court requiring the latter to send it the record of the case for review....
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