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CH3: Brief Case3.1 Cruz v. Fagor America, Inc. Facts: Plaintiff was injured by the pressure cooker when he attempted to take the lid off the pressure cooker that’s distributed by Fagor America, Inc. Plaintiff filed a complaint in a California state court against Fagor on December 1, 2004 alleging causes of action for negligence and product liability. The complaint was received and signed by Tina Hayes from Fagor America, Inc. but did not file an answer. A default judgment was entered against Fagor on May 31,2005 who failed to answer to the complaint. Fagor claimed the complaint was never received. Issue: Was the complaint severed validity? Rule: plaintiff has satisfied all of the elements necessary to establish effective service. Brief Case 3.3 Novak v. Tucows, Inc. Facts: Plaintiff Novak registered the “” domain name in 1997 and transferred its registration to Nitin Networks, Inc. owned by Tucows, Inc. Tucows transferred the domain name to the court on its order on May 1, 2003 due to a judgment
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