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Yulong Zhang CH6: Brief Case 6.1 Anderson v. Mergenhagen Facts: After Dick and Karyn divorced, Karyn began to harass Dick’s new wife, Maureen. After Maureen obtained a warrant for Karyn, Karyn’s boyfriend Paul Mergenhagen began to harass Maureen by flowing and taking picture of Maureen. Maureen filed a lawsuit in Georgia state court against Paul for invasion of privacy. The court was in favor of Paul that forced Maureen to appeal. Issue: whether public surveillance is a violation of one’s privacy. Rule: the state intermediate appellate court reversed the grant of summary judgment to Paul on Maureen’s invasion of privacy claim. The court remanded the case of trial on the issue of whether the defendant followed and photographed the plaintiff so frequently as to amount to an intrusion into her privacy.
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Unformatted text preview: Vocabulary Assault- Any word or action intended to make another person fearful of immediate physical harm; a reasonably believable threat. Battery- The unprivileged, intentional touching of another. Defamation- Any published or publicly spoken false statement that causes injury to another's good name, reputation, or character. Libel-Defamation in writing or other form (such as in a videotape) having the quality of permanence. Slander- Defamation in oral form. Tort- A civil wrong not arising from a breach of contract. A breach of a legal duty that proximately causes harm or injury to another. Tortfeasor- One who commits a tort. Trespass to land- The entry onto, above, or below the surface of land owned by another without the owner's permission or legal authorization....
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