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CH11 - CH11 Brief Case 11.1 Lucy v Zehmer Facts Lucy filed...

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CH11: Brief Case 11.1 Lucy v. Zehmer Facts: Lucy filed a suit against Zehmer to compel the defendant to transfer title of their property, the Ferguson Farm, for $50,000 as the defendant agreed. Zehmer argued that he had been drunk and that the offer had been made in jest and hence was unenforceable. The trial court agreed with Zehmer, and Lucy appealed. Issue: Is the agreement made under intoxication circumstance enforceable. Rule: The Supreme Court of Virginia determined that the writing was an enforceable contract and reversed the ruling of the lower court. 11.3 Baer v. Chase Facts: Plaintiff, Baer states that he and the producer, Chase orally agreed that if the show became a success, the producer would "take care of" plaintiff and give him in a manner commensurate to the true value of his services. Issue: Is the oral agreement without specific terms. Rule: The court reversed the grant of summary judgment on plaintiff's quantum meruit claim based on the statute of limitations, but it otherwise affirmed the district court's order.
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