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CH13 - CH13 Brief Case 13.1 Yale Diagnostic Radiology v...

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CH13: Brief Case 13.1 Yale Diagnostic Radiology v. Estate of Harun Fountain Facts: When Harun Fountain was thirteen years old, he was accidentally shot by a friend, Francisco Sanchez. Fountain survived and received medical treatment from Yale Diagnostic Radiology. In order to recover the costs of this treatment, Yale brought a collection action against Fountain's mother, Vernetta Tucker, and obtained a judgment against her. Tucker subsequently filed for bankruptcy and was granted a discharge of the Yale debt. Tucker, as next friend of Fountain, later brought suit against Sanchez, which resulted in a settlement under which Fountain received monetary compensation. Yale then sought to recover its costs from Fountain's estate, which was established because of Fountain's minor status. The Probate Court denied Yale's claim against the estate, finding that Fountain was not responsible for the costs because, as a minor child, Fountain was
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