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Unformatted text preview: 1/15/12 PES 105 Models PES 105 Fall 2001 P General Astronom I L N L Lecture Notes: Models Introduction H , , , E . .W M .I Structure: Differentiation Structure: Solidification Structure: Magnetic field T , E : ' Surface: Albedo = = = = tchriste/courses/PES105/105lectures/105lecmodels.html 1/2 1/15/12 PES 105 Models S face: E o ion face can be changed b a e e o ion ind e o ion chemical eac ion A mo phe e: Compo i ion e cape peed de e mine i a pa ic la pe of ga (h d ogen, o gen, ...) i kep if plane i ho eno gh, ligh e elemen ill e cape p e ence of life enhance ni ogen and o gen in a mo phe e A mo phe e: Ci c la ion ci c la ion pa e n a i e f om con ec ion - ho ai i e o a ion of plane lead o cell in a mo phe e P e io Lec e - - - INDE OF LECTURES - - - Ne Lec e RETURN o Lec e No e O line la pda e: 9/27/101 tchriste/courses/PES105/105lectures/105lecmodels.html 2/2 ...
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