Psych 105-ucsb-fall-2011-lecture 16-ch 17_Gender

Psych 105-ucsb-fall-2011-lecture 16-ch 17_Gender - Gender...

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1 Gender Differences and Gender Development Overview Brief review of some sex differences in human behavior. Putting the magnitude of sex differences in context. Environment and Biology in gender – how do social environments and biology (evolution, hormones, brain structure) influence gendered behaviors? How do children represent and think about gender (including their own)? Development of gender identity Some sex differences More rough and tumble play Less rough and tumble play More physical aggression Less physical aggression Some spatial abilities (e.g. mental rotation) Other spatial abilities (e.g. location memory) “Systemizing” (e.g. non social-mechanical reasoning) “Empathizing” (e.g. social- emotional reasoning) Autism Spectrum Diagnosis, ADHD, language related disability Sexual preferences Sex differences are small. Case study: …‟systematic‟ and „empathic‟ thinking Idea of a different balance of reasoning skills …. Biased a little toward mechanical/systematic thinking or toward social/empathic thinking. Distinction originally developed as a result of work aimed at identifying characteristics of very high functioning individuals on the Autism/Asperger Spectrum. Autism Quotient (AQ) questionnaire.
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Psych 105-ucsb-fall-2011-lecture 16-ch 17_Gender - Gender...

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