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Galaxies and the Universe - Galaxy Groups and Clusters

Galaxies and the Universe - Galaxy Groups and Clusters -...

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1/15/12 Gala[ieV and Whe UniYeUVe - Gala[\ GUoXpV and ClXVWeUV 1/7 ZZZ.aVWU.Xa.edX/keel/gala[ieV/clXVWeUV.hWml GUoXpV and ClXVWeUV of Gala[ieV The eaUlieVW VWXdieV (back Wo Whe MeVVieU caWalog, had an\one knoZn ZhaW all WhoVe blobV in Whe VpUing Vk\ meanW) VhoZed WhaW clXmpV of gala[ieV e[iVW - VXch aV Whe pUominenW oneV in ViUgo and Coma. IW ZaV long held WhaW onl\ a Vmall fUacWion of gala[ieV ZeUe inYolYed, Vo WhaW clXVWeUV ZoXld be UaUe collecWionV VXpeUimpoVed on a VmooWh "field". All-Vk\ VXUYe\V (VXch aV WhoVe fUom laUge SchmidW WeleVcopeV) changed WhiV YieZ. The diVWUibXWion of gala[ieV Wo a giYen magniWXde VhoZV conVideUable VWUXcWXUe, aV VhoZn in WhiV map fUom ShaUp 1986 (PASP 98, 740, fUom Whe ADS) foU gala[ieV Wo B=14.5 (meUging Whe UGC, ESO, and MCG caWalogV): Abell (1958, ApJSXppl 3, 211) idenWified 2712 Uich clXVWeUV on Whe PalomaU VXUYe\ plaWeV, pUodXcing Whe baVic Vample foU laWeU VWaWiVWical VWXdieV. Abell baVed hiV UoXgh claVVificaWionV on Whe nXmbeU of clXVWeU membeUV ZiWhin an Abell UadiXV (Zhich VcaleV ZiWh Whe e[pecWed clXVWeU UedVhifW, moUe oU leVV 1 Mpc) and Whe nXmbeU of membeUV ZiWhin 3 magniWXdeV of Whe bUighWeVW gala[\, aVVigning UichneVV and diVWance claVVeV Wo each clXVWeU. ZZick\ and coZoUkeUV ( Catalog of Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies = CGCG, YolV. 1-6, 1961-68) foXnd man\ looVeU clXVWeUV. The Abell clXVWeUV haYe been WabXlaWed ZiWh Xp-Wo-daWe infoUmaWion b\ SWUXble and Rood 1987 (ApJSXppl 63, 543 and 555). The VXUYe\ of clXVWeUV ZaV e[Wended Wo Whe VoXWheUn Vk\ b\ Abell, CoUZin, and OloZin 1989 (ApJSXppl 70, 1; CDS digiWal YeUVion ), pUodXcing Whe fiUVW UeaVonabl\ compleWe all-Vk\ caWalog of neaUb\ clXVWeUV (Vome aV faU aZa\ aV ] =0.4). The Abell VXUYe\ ZaV UemaUkabl\ Ueliable, ZiWh onl\ aboXW 10% of Whe clXVWeUV aW ] < 0.1 being fakeV pUodXced b\ VXpeUpoViWionV of VpaUVeU gUoXpingV (KaWgeUW eW al. 1996 A&A 310, 8). ClXVWeUV haYe a Zide Uange of UichneVV, Vi]e, and inWeUnal VWUXcWXUe in Whe diVWUibXWion of gala[ieV. IW iV haUd Wo dUaZ a line beWZeen gUoXpV and clXVWeUV. We aUe locaWed in a UaWheU diVWincW VXbgUoXp on Whe oXWVkiUWV of Whe ViUgo ClXVWeU, Yi]. Whe Local GUoXp. IW iV noZ Uecogni]ed Wo conWain Whe folloZing membeUV; poVVibl\ boXnd VaWelliWeV of Whe Milk\ Wa\ and AndUomeda aUe placed ZiWh WheiU pXWaWiYe cenWUal gala[ieV. The edgeV of Whe Local GUoXp aUe noW aV Zell- defined aV one mighW like; noW onl\ diVWance bXW kinemaWicV enWeU, WhUoXgh Whe ]eUo-YelociW\ VXUface aW Zhich Whe HXbble e[panVion ZoXld oYeUcome Whe binding poWenWial of Whe gUoXp. An Xp-Wo-daWe liVW of membeUV iV mainWained
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1/15/12 Gala[ieV and Whe UniYeUVe - Gala[\ GUoXpV and ClXVWeUV 2/7 ZZZ.aVWU.Xa.edX/keel/gala[ieV/clXVWeUV.hWml b\ MiNe IUZiQ. M\ WabXOaWiRQ fROORZV CRXUWeaX aQd YaQ deQ BeUgh (1999 AJ 118, 337) aQd addiQg CeWXV fURP WhiWiQg, HaX, aQd IUZiQ (1999 AJ 118, 2767). Local GroXp Members GaOa[\ T\Se M B RA/Dec l, b D (NSc) Y r (km/s) MiON\ Wa\ Sbc I-II -20.0 1830-30 0 0 8.5 0 LMC SBP -18.4 0524-60 280 -33 50 270 SMC IP -17.0 0051-73 303 -44 63 163 SgU I dSSh? -14.0 1856-30 6 -14 20 140 FRUQa[ dE0 -12.0 0237-34 237 -65 138 55 ScXOSWRU dE E? -10.6 0057-33 286 -84 80 110 LeR I dE3 -9.6 1005+12 226 +49 220 168 LeR II dE0 -8.5 1110+22 220 +67 220 90 UUVa MiQRU dE4 -8.2 1508+67 105 +45 63 -209 DUacR dE0 -8.0 1719+58 86 +35 75 -281 CaUiQa dE -8.5 0640-50 260 -22 91 229 Se[WaQV dSSh -9.4
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Galaxies and the Universe - Galaxy Groups and Clusters -...

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