10-6 - POLSCI 319 LECTURE KLARMAN Morphing of the...

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POLSCI 319 LECTURE KLARMAN 10/6/09 Morphing of the Republican Party: Plessy Era: 1890-WWI o Neither political party was invested or cared o Blacks were suppressed violently during this time o The kind of segregation that Centrist Republicans (civil & political rights, but not social rights) imagined in 1875 (Reconstruction) was very different from the kind of segregation that took place during the Plessy Era Plessy Era: complete economic subordination o Beginning of when things get really bad, but racial segregation does not reach its height until about 10 years after Plessy started o Height of Plessy era: 1924 National Origins Act—Hitler thought this was a great idea as the perfect race policy; directed towards Asians, Southern and Eastern Europeans By now they didn’t have to worry about blacks anymore because they were already sufficiently subordinated, so they turned to other races such as Asians, Europeans (seen to be as “non-white”), etc. This made Northerners sympathetic to the South—generated lots of racial anxiety from the Northern Anglo-Saxans, etc. This is the era of reconciliation between North and South since the Civil War Dunning School history of the Civil War disappears o Dunning School folks love Andrew Johnson and would say the same thing that Democrats said before—that Southern Democrats never should have seceded but now they’ve come back, and there’s no formal slave law anymore This is the Lost Cause mythology that Blight talks about—that Reconstruction was a mistake—and Northerners finally accept this
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10-6 - POLSCI 319 LECTURE KLARMAN Morphing of the...

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