Arendt - Decline of the Nation-State

Arendt - Decline of the Nation-State - Hannah Arendt: The...

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Hannah Arendt: The Decline of the Nation-State and the End of the Rights of Man I. The “Nation of Minorities” and the Stateless People - Conditions for the rise of nation-states: homogeneity of population and rootedness in the soil. Southern and Eastern Europe lacked this during the signing of the Peace Treaties post-WWI. Peace Treaties lumped together many people in single states, called them “state people” and entrusted them with the government, silently assumed that others (such as the Slovaks in Czechoslovakia, or the Croats and Slovenes in Yugoslavia) were equal partners in the government, which of course they were not. - The result of this was that those people to whom states were not conceded, no matter whether they were official minorities or only nationalities, considered the Treaties an arbitrary game which handed out rule to some and servitude to others . The newly created states, on the other hand, which were promised equal status in national sovereignty with the Western nations, regarded the Minority Treaties as an open break of promise and discrimination because only new states were bound to them. - The point is that the European status quo could not be preserved and that it became clear only after the downfall of the last remnants of European autocracy that Europe had been ruled by a system which had never taken into account or responded to the needs of at least 25 percent of her population. - People became convinced that true freedom, true emancipation, and true popular sovereignty could be attained only with full national emancipation, that people without their own national government were deprived of human rights.
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Arendt - Decline of the Nation-State - Hannah Arendt: The...

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