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Unformatted text preview: For class on 9/21/2010 POLSCI 495: “IDEA FOR A UNIVERSAL HISTORY” –IMMANUEL KANT 1. First Proposition : All the natural capacities of a creature are destined sooner or later to be developed completely and in conformity with their end. 2. Second Proposition : In man (as the only rational creature on earth), those natural capacities which are directed towards the use of his reason are such that they could be fully developed only in the species, but not in the individual. a. Goal of man’s aspirations: to attain a point where the germs implanted by nature in our species can be developed to that degree which corresponds to nature’s original intention. 3. Third Proposition : Nature has willed that man should produce entirely by his own initiative everything which goes beyond the mechanical ordering of his animal existence, and that he should not partake of any other happiness or perfection than that which he has procured for himself without instinct and by his own reason....
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