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Unformatted text preview: Financialmarkets..; markets in which are transferred from those who have excess funds avaiilable to those who have a shortage of available funds are called. Compared to interest rateson olng term U.S government bonds, interest rates ..... Three month treasury bills ...fluctuate more and are lower on average. A stronger dollar benefits .. American consumers.. and hurts ..American business.. The organization responsible for the conduct of monetary policy in th US is the .. Federal Reserve System.. Largest financial intermediars.. banks.. Financial markets have the basic function of .. bringing together people with funds to lend and peo who want to borrow funds.. İnvolving indirect finance: ..a bank buys a US treasury bill from one of its depositors & A pension find manager buys commercial paper in the primary market.. The money market is the market in which .. short-term dept instruments.. are traded....
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