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- Classification of persons Real Persons(Murat, Injured women, Murat’s friend) Legal Persons ( Public Legal, Private Legal(Hotel, Company/Business Association) ) - Contracts, elements of a valid contracts There is contract between murat and hotel. There are offer (call conversation), advertisement) and acceptance (reservation,payment) The elements of a valid contract: At least two person, obligations, capacity to contract, legal subject matter, legal cause, required form, real assents. - What is possession? Who is the possessor of a car (is Murat)? - What is “component part” and “accessory” of a property? What are the component parts and accessoried of a car and a hotel? - What are the types of obligations_ Which type of obligation/s are these in this case? Obligations based on tort and contractual in this case. Four conditions of tort: - Act against law (crash) –Damage(injury) – Lien of causality – Fault (exceed the speed limit) - How can the woman injured claim her own rights? What cab she demand?
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