Session Long Project Module 3

Session Long Project Module 3 - Lynnette k. Bryant OPM 300-...

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Lynnette k. Bryant OPM 300- Introduction to Operations Management Session Long Project- Module 3 05 June 2011 How product design is applied in decision-making of that organization? As we applied product design in the decision making process of Wal-Mart, we must first know what does it take to create a good product design and also the definition? Product design is cross- functional, knowledge-intensive work that has become increasingly important in today's society. It is a key strategic activity in many firms because new products contribute significantly to sales revenue. When firms are able to develop distinctive products, they have opportunities to command premium pricing. Product design is a critical factor in organizational success because it sets the characteristics, features, and performance of the service or good that consumers demand. The objective of product design is to create a good or service with excellent functional utility and sales appeal at an acceptable cost and within a reasonable time. The product should be
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produced using high-quality, low-cost materials and methods. It should be produced on
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Session Long Project Module 3 - Lynnette k. Bryant OPM 300-...

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