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HERSHEL TURNER MODULE 4 – INTEGRATION AND REFLECTION BUS 303 BUSINESS COMMUNICATION 09 DECEMBER 2011 DR. RYAN CURRIE During this course I’ve actually learned a lot even though it was pretty difficult for me I think I’m going to walk away from this class knowing more than what I started with in the beginning of the semester. I can honestly say that my work was mediocre and sometimes not to standard as the instructor would’ve liked it to be. I also thank my instructor for giving me guidance and tools to become a better writing and for also being patient with me as I catch on my assignment due to my PCS move to Kentucky. The topic I didn’t understand was Module 5, which is an assignment I’m still working on. I didn’t understand what the instructor was asking of me but I took time out to write her to ask for full understanding because the first CASE I
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Unformatted text preview: wrote I didn’t take the time out to actually read the assignment. I anticipated it being one way when it was actually something else. I know I need to slow down sometimes and fully read the assignment in its entirety to fully understand what is being asked. With this assignment I learned in a business setting power point is always not the way to go. Personally I love power point because I think it gets right to the point if it’s done right. The only way you make a presentation long and dull is if you have a lot of words on a slide and you read everything on that slide verbatim. I pray I’ve met all the objectives asked of me in these modules. As I stated in my other classes I would like to see TUI University have an actual installation on some of the military bases and off base also....
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