SESSION LONG PROJECT MODULE 3 - what you want to do If you...

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LYNNETTE K. BRYANT BUS 303 BUSINSS COMMUNICATION 23 NOVEMBER 2010 SESSION LONG PROJECT MODULE 3(NEGATIVE LETTER) Good Morning Mr. Johnson, It has been brought to my attention from several clients that you’ve been making unwelcomed remarks to them time and time again. The first time it happened they really didn’t pay it any attention but after while you repeatedly did it. As you and I know this is a form of sexual harassment which is a definite zero tolerance in my organization. My clients have been with us for several years and the last thing we need is someone
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putting a bad name on our organization. This type of behavior will not be tolerated at all here. There are several choices you can choose from. 1. You can choose to move to another department not dealing with clients at all. 2. Resign from your position and give to someone who is capable of filling this position. 3. Be fired and brought up on charges of sexual harassment. The choice is yours. You have until the end of the day to decide
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Unformatted text preview: what you want to do. If you feel your being mistreated or this is simple mistakes please feel free to come to me one on one and we can sit down and discuss the situation. Sincerely, Lynnette B. Vice President R and B Marketing Firm I used these principles in my letter because of the type of person I am, I like for people to decide their own fate especially if they know there wrong to begin with. Now if I have to make the decision for them, it’s not going to be pretty and they won’t be able to work anywhere ever again. This world is made up of too many people who always think because of the position or where they are in life they have the right to talk or say things to people without any repercussions. In my book that’s not going to work. Client or consumers should be able to come into an establishment, do business and walk out if their feeling great knowing they’ve accomplished something instead of feeling like they’ve been taken advantage of....
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SESSION LONG PROJECT MODULE 3 - what you want to do If you...

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