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MGT 499 Module 2 Case

MGT 499 Module 2 Case - Lynnette k Bryant Trident...

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Lynnette k. Bryant Trident University International MGT 499 Strategic Management Case - Module 2 24 October 2011 Dr. Bari Courts
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Toyota What are the current opportunities for Toyota, what threats are they facing, and what actions are they taking to respond to these environmental contingencies? Toyota is an automotive company that was founded in 1938 and from the time that the first assembly plant was opened, Toyota has focused on creating a vehicle that is affordable and reliable for all customers alike. This strategy still rings true for the company over seventy years later. Since the inception of the company the direction and or motivation for all employees and the company was to make the customer happy. Now, that direction is still instilled in the company however with the environmental changes in the world Toyota has implemented a focus on the environment and making fuel efficient and “green” cars for their customers to drive. All companies alike must always do a complete analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) for their market and products in order to be successful. Toyota does this as well by realizing these aspects of their products and their competitors as well. According to Fujio Cho, Chairman of Toyota, they have experienced recessions, automobile trade liberation, environmental concerns, oil shocks and other major changes in the operating environment that have had adverse affects on their company. Currently Toyota has two major threats that could hinder their success. The most recent
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MGT 499 Module 2 Case - Lynnette k Bryant Trident...

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