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18 Pong - Pong Pong 1 Pong Pong 2 Pong Pong For many people...

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Unformatted text preview: Pong Pong 1 Pong Pong 2 Pong Pong For many people, Pong was the first time they used a computer Brought the first computers into people's homes Written by Allan Alcorn (a Lowell grad) for Atari First Pong game was installed in a Sunnyvale bar in September 1972 Two weeks later the machine stopped working—because all the quarters had jammed it Original Paddles had eight segments— different segments gave different angles 3 Allan Alcorn The original arcade Pong game was basically The original arcade Pong game was basically some logic chips hooked up to an actual TV set with an added coin mechanism. 4 Pong was not the first computer Pong was game 10 years before Pong, there was another, much more sophisticated computer game… 5 Spacewar! Spacewar! 6 Spacewar! Spacewar! Written by members of the MIT model railroad club beginning in 1961 They also coined the word "hack" Code was kept in an unlocked drawer—anyone was free to modify it Programmed on the Digital Equipment PDP­1, one of the first computers with a monitor Club members built the world's first joysticks Later modified by Atari (stolen?) to become Asteroids 7 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs Pong Doubles 1973 8 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs Dr. Pong 1974 9 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs Cocktail Pong 1974 10 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs Puppy Pong 1974 11 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs Pin Pong 1974 12 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs Quadra Pong 1974 13 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs Super Pong 1974 14 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs Rebound 1974 15 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs Slime Volleyball 16 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs Breakout 1976 17 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs Bomb Bee 1979 18 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs 3d pong 19 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs circular pong 20 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs Warlords 21 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs Pong Clock­­As Pong randomly plays, the score shown is the time of day 22 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs Plasma Pong, uses fluid dynamics, so the ball seems to move through a fluid 23 And from these humble And from these humble beginnings… Computer gaming is now a huge industry with revenue over 7 billion dollars in 2005 'Mario' has made twice the revenue of all the 'Star Wars' movies combined Computer Games and entertainment software are the fastest growing area of the computer software industry (which is itself one of the fastest growing areas of the economy) 24 BallMaster BallMaster www.blueteagames.com by Steven Zhao class of 2001 In BallMaster, you guide a flying ball through dangerous adventures. With the aid of your computerized assistant, you fend off a variety of beasts that attack you as you float through the air. Other Games: Cactus Bruce and the Corporate Monkeys, Meeklits and HeliumMan-X 25 Pong Spin­offs Pong Spin­offs and many, many others. . . 26 Practice Quiz Question: Find the output Practice Quiz Question: Find the void setup() { TwoNums bob = new TwoNums(); TwoNums println(bob.mystery1()); println(bob.mystery1()); TwoNums TwoNums jane.d1 jane.d1 jane.n1 jane.n1 jane = new TwoNums(); = bob.d1 * 3; = int(bob.d1); println(jane.mystery1()); println(jane.mystery1()); bob.mystery2(); bob.mystery2(); println("Bob's float is " + bob.d1); } class TwoNums { int n1; int float d1; float TwoNums() TwoNums() { println("Constructing a new one"); println("Constructing n1 = 2; n1 d1 = 1.5; d1 } } int mystery1 () int { return int(n1*d1); return } void mystery2 () void { int nMys = mystery1(); int d1 = nMys + d1; d1 } 27 ...
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