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ch 4 formulas - -v=(1 circumference(1...

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-x(f)=x(i)+v(ix)t+1/2*a(x)(t)^2 -v(fx)=v(ix)+a(x)t -x(f)=x(i)+v(ix)t -v(fx)=v(ix)=constant -v(ix)=v(i)cos(o) -v(iy)=v(i)sin(o) -y=y(0)-g/(2v(0)^2*x^2 -distance=(v(0)^2sin(2o))/g -r=r'+R -r=r'+tV -x=x'+v(x)t -y=y'+V(y)t -v=v'+V -v(x)=v(x)'+V(x) -v(y)=v(y)'+V(y)
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Unformatted text preview: -v=(1 circumference)/(1 period)=2pi*r/T-s=roabs(w)=2pi rad/T-v(t)=wr (with w in rad/s)-a=v^2/r-a=w^2*r-a(t)=r*dw/dt-alpha=dw/dt-a(t)=r*alpha-o(f)=o(i)+w(i)t+1/2*alpha*t^2-w(f)=w(i)+alpha*t-w(f)^2=w(i)^2+s*alpha*delta(o)...
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