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6.5 Drag -drag force D: is opposite in direction to v, increases in magnitude as the object's speed increases. -drag dpends on the object's shape and on the density of the medium through which it moves. -modle of drag: the object's size is between a few millimeters and a few meters, the object's speed is less than a few hundred meters per second, and the object is moving through the air near the earth's surface -D = 1/4A*v^2, direction opposite the motion -the size of the drag force is proportional to the square of the object's speed -area is the cross section of the object as it "faces into the wind" -the magnitude of drag force depends on the object's size and shape but not on its mass -the drag force D points down as the ball rises. This increases the net force on the ball and causes the ball to slow down more quickly than it would in a vacuum. The magnitude of the acceleration, which we'll calculate below, is maagnitude(a)>g -the drag force decreases as the ball slows. -v=0 at the highest point in the ball's motion, so there's no drag and the acceleration is simply
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