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Chapter 1 Basics of Heat Transfer 1-19 An electrically heated house maintained at 22°C experiences infiltration losses at a rate of 0.7 ACH. The amount of energy loss from the house due to infiltration per day and its cost are to be determined. Assumptions 1 Air as an ideal gas with a constant specific heats at room temperature. 2 The volume occupied by the furniture and other belongings is negligible. 3 The house is maintained at a constant temperature and pressure at all times. 4 The infiltrating air exfiltrates at the indoors temperature of 22°C. Properties The specific heat of air at room temperature is = 1.007 kJ/kg. ° C (Table A-15). C p Analysis The volume of the air in the house is V == (( floor space)(height) m )(3 m) m 23 200 600 = 5 ° C 0.7 ACH 22 ° C AIR Noting that the infiltration rate is 0.7 ACH (air changes per hour) and
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