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Chapter 1 Basics of Heat Transfer 1-79 A hollow spherical iron container is filled with iced water at 0°C. The rate of heat loss from the sphere and the rate at which ice melts in the container are to be determined. Assumptions 1 Steady operating conditions exist since the surface temperatures of the wall remain constant at the specified values. 2 Heat transfer through the shell is one-dimensional. 3 Thermal properties of the iron shell are constant. 4 The inner surface of the shell is at the same temperature as the iced water, 0°C. Properties The thermal conductivity of iron is k = 80.2 W/m ⋅° C (Table A-3). The heat of fusion of water is given to be 333.7 kJ/kg. Analysis This spherical shell can be approximated as a plate of thickness 0.4 cm and area A = π =
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