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Chapter 2 Heat Conduction Equation Variable Thermal Conductivity 2-94C During steady one-dimensional heat conduction in a plane wall, long cylinder, and sphere with constant thermal conductivity and no heat generation, the temperature in only the plane wall will vary linearly. 2-95C The thermal conductivity of a medium, in general, varies with temperature. 2-96C During steady one-dimensional heat conduction in a plane wall in which the thermal conductivity varies linearly, the error involved in heat transfer calculation by assuming constant thermal conductivity at the average temperature is ( a ) none . 2-97C No, the temperature variation in a plain wall will not be linear when the thermal conductivity varies with temperature. 2-98C Yes, when the thermal conductivity of a medium varies linearly with temperature, the average thermal conductivity is always equivalent to the conductivity value at the average temperature.
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