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Chapter 15 Steady Heat Conduction 3-53 "GIVEN" A=4*6 "[m^2]" L_brick=0.18 "[m]" L_plaster_center=0.18 "[m]" L_plaster_side=0.02 "[m]" "L_foam=2 [cm], parameter to be varied" k_brick=0.72 "[W/m-C]" k_plaster=0.22 "[W/m-C]" k_foam=0.026 "[W/m-C]" T_infinity_1=22 "[C]" T_infinity_2=-4 "[C]" h_1=10 "[W/m^2-C]" h_2=20 "[W/m^2-C]" "ANALYSIS" R_conv_1=1/(h_1*A_1) A_1=0.33*1 "[m^2]" R_foam=(L_foam*Convert(cm, m))/(k_foam*A_1) "L_foam is in cm" R_plaster_side=L_plaster_side/(k_plaster*A_2)
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Unformatted text preview: A_2=0.30*1 "[m^2]" R_plaster_center=L_plaster_center/(k_plaster*A_3) A_3=0.015*1 "[m^2]" R_brick=L_brick/(k_brick*A_2) R_conv_2=1/(h_2*A_1) 1/R_mid=2*1/R_plaster_center+1/R_brick R_total=R_conv_1+R_foam+2*R_plaster_side+R_mid+R_conv_2 Q_dot=(T_infinity_1-T_infinity_2)/R_total Q_dot_total=Q_dot*A/A_1 L foam [cm] Q total [W] 1 623.1 2 450.2 3 352.4 4 289.5 5 245.7 6 213.4 7 188.6 8 168.9 9 153 10 139.8 3-28...
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