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Chapter 15 Steady Heat Conduction L_wall=0.2 "[m], parameter to be varied" k_concrete=0.9 "[W/m-C]" T_in=40 "[C]" T_out=-4 "[C]" L_sheet=0.003 "[m]" L_styrofoam=0.02 "[m]" k_styrofoam=0.033 "[W/m-C]" h_i=3000 "[W/m^2-C]" "h_o=25 [W/m^2-C], parameter to be varied" "ANALYSIS" R_conv_i=1/(h_i*A_1) A_1=(2*height+width-3*L_wall)*length R_concrete=L_wall/(k_concrete*A_2) A_2=(2*height+width-1/2*3*L_wall)*length R_conv_o=1/(h_o*A_3) A_3=(2*height+width)*length R_total_top_sides=R_conv_i+R_concrete+R_conv_o Q_dot_top_sides=(T_in-T_out)/R_total_top_sides "Heat loss from top and the two side
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Unformatted text preview: surfaces" R_conv_i_end=1/(h_i*A_4) A_4=(height-2*L_wall)*(width-2*L_wall) R_styrofoam=L_styrofoam/(k_styrofoam*A_5) A_5=(height-L_wall)*(width-L_wall) R_conv_o_end=1/(h_o*A_6) A_6=height*width R_total_end=R_conv_i_end+R_styrofoam+R_conv_o_end Q_dot_end=(T_in-T_out)/R_total_end "Heat loss from one end surface" Q_dot_total=Q_dot_top_sides+2*Q_dot_end L wall [m] Q total [W] 0.1 152397 0.12 132921 0.14 117855 0.16 105852 0.18 96063 0.2 87927 0.22 81056 0.24 75176 0.26 70087 0.28 65638 0.3 61716 3-39...
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