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Chapter 15 Steady Heat Conduction 3-111E The handle of a stainless steel spoon partially immersed in boiling water extends 7 in. in the air from the free surface of the water. The temperature difference across the exposed surface of the spoon handle is to be determined. Assumptions 1 The temperature of the submerged portion of the spoon is equal to the water temperature. 2 The temperature in the spoon varies in the axial direction only (along the spoon), T ( x ). 3 The heat transfer from the tip of the spoon is negligible. 4 The heat transfer coefficient is constant and uniform over the entire spoon surface. 5 The thermal properties of the spoon are constant. 6 The heat transfer coefficient accounts for the effect of radiation from the spoon. . Properties The thermal conductivity of the spoon is given to be k = 8.7 Btu/h ft °F. Analysis Noting that the cross-sectional area of the spoon is constant and measuring
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