ADV205 Syllabus (Bukovac-Phelps)

ADV205 Syllabus (Bukovac-Phelps) - ADVERTISING 205...

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ADVERTISING 205 Principles of Advertising FALL SEMESTER 2011 Instructor: Office: Dr. Jan Bukovac-Phelps 325 CAS Phone: E-mail: (517) 355-6576 Office Hours: I will stay after class as long as you need me. If you have trouble with my office hours, I will always be available after class, please see me if you want to chat or rant. Office hours: Monday 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Course Description: Basic principles and practices of advertising. Historical, social, and economic development of the field. Psychological and creative factors involved in advertising, research, media, and production. Textbook: Arens, Schaefer and Weigold. M Advertising . Available at most college textbook stores. Expectations: I expect you to attend class, read assigned chapters, complete all assignments and take all tests. I also hope you have some fun. You are responsible for all information missed during an absence. This could include information about changes in the course schedule, changes in due dates, or test information. If you miss a class, find out what happened! Unannounced extra credit cannot be made up. Because of the number of students in this class I’m afraid you need to keep tabs on changes and assignments. I will try to make frequent announcements and use the e-mail system, as well as postings on the Angel system to help us stay coordinated. *You must successfully complete all assignments and/or quizzes and tests to receive a grade with credit in this course. * All students will need to establish an e-mail account with the University. Make sure you
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ADV205 Syllabus (Bukovac-Phelps) - ADVERTISING 205...

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