CHAPTER 14 Notes ADV205

CHAPTER 14 Notes ADV205 - (women showing panties are...

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CHAPTER 14: OUT-OF-HOME, DIRECT MAIL, AND SPECIALTY ADVERTISING OUT OF HOME (PAGE 359) Book definition: Out-of-home media     : Media such as outdoor advertising (billboards) and  transit advertising (bus and car cards) that reach prospects outside their  homes. Outdoor advertising     : An out-of-home medium in the form of billboards. Why use outdoor advertising Outdoor advertising legislation Effective billboards Billboard Standardized large format advertising displays intended for viewing from  extended distances, generally more than 50 feet. Should the government restrict the use of outdoor boards along highways?  (highway beautification act…follow rules to get funding for road) The previous slide contains headlines on billboards in LS The ad campaign was placed over several weeks and was for a new Arena  Football league…was very effective
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Unformatted text preview: (women showing panties are cheerleaders, men going both ways are players on offense and defense, etc.) Digital boards Spectacular board (has some kind of thing that does something, extends, something moving, 3 dimensional type) Wall Murals Poster and Wrapped Poster Junior Poster (smaller tend to be located close to the place where you can purchase what can be advertised Showing Types of outdoor advertising What is OOH Media? Out of home refers to a variety of media consumed outside of home Five categories Billboards Street Furniture Transit Alternative OOH Cinema EYES ON Eyes on Integrated Research: (See slides page 20-22) Eyes on Measurement Eyes on integrated research Traffic counts Traffic volume Data integration Visibility research Traffic surveys...
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CHAPTER 14 Notes ADV205 - (women showing panties are...

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