LectureAdvertising Planning and Strategy

LectureAdvertising Planning and Strategy - Advertising...

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Advertising Planning and Strategy - Strategic Planning o Begins at corporate level The Corporate Business Plan - Mission statement - Also uses a S.W.O.T. analysis - Specific objctives and goals - Strategies and tactics for goal achievement The Marketing Plan - Document that proposes strategies for using the marketing mix to achieve the marketing objectives - Assembles all pertinent facts about: o An organization o Its markets o Products and services o Consumers o Competition - Specific objectives, strategies, and tactics Planning approaches Top-down model Bottom up model Integrated communications model Top- Down Marketing plan 1. Situation Anaylsis a. Internal environment a.i. Strengths and weaknesses: financial condition, personnel issues, or technical expertise b. External environment b.i. Oppourtunities: area for the company to develop an advantage over its competition b.ii. Threats: trend in the environment that will erode business unless the company takes action 2. Marketing objectives a. Corporate objectives
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LectureAdvertising Planning and Strategy - Advertising...

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