LectureIntegrated Marketing Communications

LectureIntegrated Marketing Communications - Action Desire...

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Integrated Marketing Communications The process of building and reinforcing mutually profitable relationships with ecmployees, customers, other stakeholders, and the general public by developing… A concept A process Four sources of brand messages Planned Messages Traditional Marketing Communication Messages (low impact) Product Messages Positioning Issues (high impact) Service Messages Employee Interactions (high impact) Unplanned Messages The Integrations Triangle Confirm – unplanned messages Say – planned messages Do – product, service messages The advertising plan - Represents an outgrowth of the marketing plan - Organizes the marketing plan’s situation analysis into a SWOT analysis - Sets advertising objectives - Determines advertising strategy - Sets budget Setting Advertising Objectives Specify where the advertiser wants to be with respect to:
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Unformatted text preview: Action Desire Conviction Comprehension Awareness Learn>Feel>Do Do>Feel>Learn Advertising Strategy-Creative Strategy o Address target audience o Restates the objective o Specifies key benefits to be communicated o Offers support for benefits-Media strategy o Defines communication objectives o Describes use of media and vehicles Advertising and Sales-There’s no right way to determine a great strategy-The budgets are horrible Advertising Plan-Advertising budget o Budgeting is difficult and political o Methods for budgeting Methods of Allocating Funds-Historical -% of sales-% of profit-Unit of sale-Competitive parity (we’ll do what they do)-Share of market-Objective task – consider what we need to achieve by a certain time...
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LectureIntegrated Marketing Communications - Action Desire...

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