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LectureTypes of Advertising Artists

LectureTypes of Advertising Artists - Types of Advertising...

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Types of Advertising Artists - Art Directors - Graphic Designers - Illustrators - Photographers - Production artists Creating Print Advertising - Design - Use of Layouts o A layout Is a plan that imposes orfer. It is the preliminary version of the ad that shows where all the key formatting elements are placed Stages in the Approval Process - Thumbnail sketches - Rough layout - Dummy – term for things that are multi-paged that unfolds, rather than a flat copy - Comprehensive - Approval Picture window layout - Big picture with lots of words Principles of Design Poster-style format most common Balance – formal/informal Proportional use of space Ad should lead reader in a sequence The ad should be unified The element should dominate Elements of Advertisements - Visuals - Headlines - Sub-heads - Body copy - Slogans, seals, logos, signatures Visuals – art direction - Illustrations and Photography o Photos have more stopping power than illustrations o Color attracts more attention than black and white o Illustration is more fanciful, photos are more realistic o Photos have a greater credibility - Set tone and create mood for ad/ product - First thing to be noticed o Capture attention and interest o
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