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Price - Dictated by supply and demand - Influenced by production and distribution cost - Should convey value relative to other products - Should meet a company’s objectives - Should match with product’s positioning - Price copy - Psychological pricing - Price lining Place - Must be consistent with brand image o Direct vs indirect distribution o Intensive: sell everywhere – low profit/high volume o Selective: limit number of sales outlets o Exclusive: used to maintain prestige - Intensive: M&M’s - Selective: ex: Coach bags o Selected certain retailers that fit brand image (Nordstroms, Saks, etc.) - Exclusive o Adidas and UofM and the U.S. Olympic team o Autos – exclusive dealership in areas Marketing Communications - Factors important for advertising success
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Unformatted text preview: o Strong primary demand o Chance for product differentiation o Hidden qualities of high importance to consumers o Opportunity to use strong emotional appeals o Substantial sums available to support advertising o ADVERTISING Reaches large audiences but has less ability to prompt an immediate change o Personal selling Face to face contact o Sales promotion Aims to generate immediate sales for a limited time o Public Relations Enhance a company’s image through publicity, news conferences, sponsored events, open houses, donations o Direct marketing Telemarketing, etc. o Pooint of sale/packaging POS and packaging try to drive sales where the product is sold...
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