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PsychologicalScreensLecture - messages-Selective...

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Stimuli>Sensory Receptors>Attention - Attention o Perceptual Screens Physiological Screens Psychological Screens Psychological Screens - Selective perception o The process of screening out information that doesn’t interest us and retaining information that does - Selective Exposure o Seeking out messages that are pleasant or sympathetic with our views as ell as avoiding those that are painful or threatening - Selective distortion o Perceiving messages in ways that support our beliefs even for inconsistent
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Unformatted text preview: messages -Selective Retention-Breaking through perceptual screens Consumer Behavior: Consumer Perception Process Tibor Nemeth jse photos to break perceptual screens -Buy LARGE BLOCKS of advertising-Bookend Ads-Putting ads in unconventional places -Awareness – interpretation Mental Files-Organized collections of: o Beliefs, feelings, and expectations stored in memory, limited capacity resistant to opening new files...
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